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4 Useful Tips For Desirable Healthy Hair

Our hair offers important clues to people about our appearance and leaves an impression on them. When this is the case, it is of great importance to take care of them in a healthy way. In our new blog post, we wrote about the things to be done on the way to healthy hair. Let's take a closer look at our suggestions.

Protect against the weather.

We often forget that we leave our hair vulnerable to weather conditions. Too much sun dries our hair follicles, wind and rain cause our hair to be dehydrated. so the hair starts to electrify easily.

Choose your shampoo carefully.

When choosing your shampoo, remember that you must first choose the product that suits your needs. The road to healthy hair also passes through products with healthy content. Avoid shampoos such as ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, paraben and Polyethelyne Glycol that will cause your hair to dry and wear over time.

Don't wash your hair every day.

Washing your hair every day and using shampoo leads to drying of the hair follicles and skin. In order for your hair to be healthy, hair follicles need the body's natural secretion of lubrication. The process of maintaining this oily and moisture balance in the hair that is washed every day begins to dry out because it is constantly exposed to excessive water by external intervention. We recommend that you leave behind the habit of frequent washing, which also leads to thinning hair.

Eat healthy.

In addition to vegetables and greens that contain shades of green and red, a rich diet with healthy oils such as Omega 3 will ensure that your hair is healthy. Remember that what you eat always affects your appearance. The protein you will get from vegetables and both meat and legumes is the golden rule for your hair to be healthy from the inside out.

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