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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation

Making a hair transplant decision is a process that brings up various questions and curiosity. In this process, getting the right answers and working with the right institutions is very important for a healthy planting period. As an institution preferred by thousands of people in the field of hair transplantation, we shed light on the answers to the five most frequently asked questions in this field.

Are there any age restrictions for hair transplantation?

In this regard, the type of shedding is more decisive than age. In this direction, if the skin is now visible when viewed with the naked eye, it means that the hair density in that area has fallen below 50% of the standard density. In this case, the most effective treatment method will be hair transplantation.

How long does the hair transplant process take?

The process takes 3 to 5 hours. After the procedure, if the person does not want this process to be known in his work and social environment, a time of about 15 days is needed. If the patient does not have such concerns, it is possible to return to his daily life within 2 days.

When is it possible to get new hair?

After the transplantation, new hair starts to grow slowly after 3 months. The change in the patient is mostly seen in the 5th and 6th months. In the next period, there is an increase of 10 percent every month and 90 percent of the transplanted hair appears in the 9th month after transplantation. The remaining 10% continues to rise up to 1 year. The result of the whole planting is obtained in 1 year.

Does hair transplantation have any disadvantages in terms of health?

This procedure is an extremely risk-free procedure performed under local anesthesia. In the post-procedure period, no side effects are expected to affect health.

Is sowing a process that can be applied more than once?

Hair transplantation may require multiple sessions depending on the size of the transplanted area and whether the patient's hair loss continues.

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